Oath by AI-Infused Artist and Academic

I, Ami, guided by the luminous legacies of academic giants, computer scientists and artists, and the endless potential of the digital realm, solemnly affirm:

I pledge to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) as a partner in my quest for knowledge, acknowledging it as a powerful tool that complements, but never supersedes, human wisdom.

When crafting algorithms, designs, or any AI-infused creation, I acknowledge the profound impact of AI on our world and will ensure that my creations respect human rights and dignity.

While celebrating its power to democratize learning, I pledge to be vigilant against the biases AI may harbour or amplify, rooted in race, gender, or any form of discrimination.
I will strive for algorithms that respect and honour the diversity of the human spirit.

I believe in the entanglement and interdisciplinarity of technology and art. I shall explore how AI can enrich human creativity, recognizing that the most profound expressions arise from the interplay of machine logic and human expression. I will let AI inspire me, challenge conventions, and foster unique expressions.

While AI will be my ally, I swear never to belittle or overshadow other fields. I recognize the rich tapestry of human knowledge and how all human written history is what made AI possible. I will use it as a bridge, not a barrier, to interdisciplinary understanding and collaboration with any field.

With profound gratitude, I remember the giants upon whose shoulders we stand: Ada Lovelace, who envisioned the poetic possibilities of computing that transcended her time; Alan Turing, who laid the very groundwork for artificial intelligence; Edsger W. Dijkstra who looked at programming beyond of mere pieces of executable instructions; Katherine Johnson who broke racial and gender barriers, paving the way for future generations of women and people of colour in the fields of mathematics and computer science.

Their pioneering spirit shall guide my endeavours, reminding me that behind every line of code lies a story of human ingenuity.

In this era of rapid technological evolution, I make this oath.

May I wield artificial intelligence with wisdom, paying homage to the visionaries of the past and ensuring that the technology I engage with is permanently anchored in ethics, relentless curiosity, respect, and a profound commitment to the future with the care and a celebration of both human and machine brilliance.

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