Since obtaining her Master's degree in 2019, Ami has carved a niche for herself in the fashion industry as a freelance professional, specializing in web development and pioneering the use of artificial intelligence in computational design.

Her tenure as a visiting practitioner at Central St. Martins stands out, where she led workshops and seminars focused on AI and creative expression. These sessions notably integrated evolutionary algorithms into contemporary art, showcasing her innovative approach.

In 2022, Ami joined the University of the Arts London, specifically the London College of Fashion, as a Specialist Technician in Digital Media. Her role emphasizes Generative Technologies in fashion and architectural modeling, along with visual programming using TouchDesigner.

Ami's unique methodology blends photography, 3D modeling, and artificial intelligence to craft structures and spaces that are deeply inspired by evolutionary concepts and genetic patterns. Her work not only reflects her technical prowess but also her artistic vision, making significant contributions to the field.

Computational Design with  Rhino 3D
Machine Learning with Grasshopper plugin
Python programming

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