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Exhibitions and Projects

Arkadia Festival - Brave New World Exhibition, 2023. Gallery Filodrammatica, Rijeka, Croatia

The Green House, 2023. Lethaby Gallery, London, UK


Performing Artificial Tree, 2022. Site Specific, London, UK

HOMOFABRE, 2021. Museum Nikola Tesla, Zagreb, Croatia

Love, Fascism and Data, 2020. Online

C0nsent, 2019. Offshoot Gallery, London, UK

Taking Shape, 2019. Central Saint Martins, London

Metaphonica IV, 2018. Central Saint Martins, London

Love Lost, Alternative Truths, 2018. Studio1.1, London

Spaces Between Us + Time, 2018. London, UK

Are You There God? It's Me, AI - 2018. Croati
Interdisciplinary artist who inhabits the intersection between computer code and contemporary art, with a focus on the sensual experience of living within algorithmic environments.
Currently doing a practice based PhD which original contribution is showing that artistic methodologies are uniquely suitable for the exploration of code as generative feedback loops and patterns.
Research is focused on code as a participatory agency that converges computational processes with embodied experiences in a way that engender non-linear cultural forms.

While working with performative practices, I allow the audience to inhabit algorithmic environments in ways that brings complexity, undecidability and data processing into the sphere of contemporary art.
My art practice is aimed to allow for a more nuanced grasp of algorithms not as mere automation, but as the material texture of our shared reality.

I work predominantly with Natural Language Processing and Performance Art to create new forms of computational poetry. I merge analytical thinking processes with creative performative practices.

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